Chicken Parmesan by Joshua Weissman

Hi everyone! Thanks for reading today’s blog post. This week I am trying another Italian dish by my new favorite cooking personality, Joshua Weissman. He brings a new edge to social media cooking. He is funny, witty, and makes cooking fun. He is a real deal chef, which also makes him slightly intimidating, I mean, […]

Product Review: Pet House Candles

Did you know that much of the commercial candle products you buy from Yankee Candle, Bath & Body Works, as well as odor eliminators like Air Wick and Glade for example, can be harmful for your pet to breathe in? Not only harmful for our pets but for us humans too! Conventional candles contain many […]

Pregnancy: Week 16

We are officially four months into the pregnancy. To think in five months our baby girl will be here is so surreal. I had a doctors appointment yesterday and got to hear her heartbeat, I was so happy. She is doing well. Her heartbeat is in the 140s BPM. Apparently anything under 110 BPM is […]


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